Resellers and White-Label Partners

We offer flexible partnership options through reseller programs for hands-off management and recurring commissions, or white-label solutions for partners seeking maximum control

Two ways to partner with VMOBACKUP.COM

The easiest way to partner with VMOBACKUP.COM is to resell our services to your clients.

VMOBACKUP.COM will handle all the paperwork, including terms of service, invoicing, and other client-facing communications.

Reseller Partners are welcome to be very involved in the onboarding and management of clients, but also have the option of letting VMOBACKUP.COM handle everything, minimizing the time and effort required of the Reseller Partner.

Since VMOBACKUP.COM will be providing the billing and invoicing to the client, the Reseller Partner will receive a monthly, recurring commission check as long as the client is doing business with VMOBACKUP.COM.

Usage information for each client will also be provided. We can also provide wire transfers (reseller pays for transfer bank transfer fees from the United States to the destination).

For those Partners that wish to retain maximum control, we offer the ability to White-Label our services.

The key difference with the White-Label Partner option is that the legal agreements/terms of service and invoicing are provided by the Partner. In addition, Partner provides support to their clients and VMOBACKUP.COM provides support to the Partner.

For a base setup fee, VMOBACKUP.COM can provide a brandable portal that uses your domain name, e.g., complete with credit card integration and the ability to have your customers sign up automatically. 

As much as possible, VMOBACKUP.COM remains invisible to the end-client and the Partner remains the primary focal point for the client relationship.

VMOBACKUP.COM will provide detailed reporting for end clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What partnership options does VMOBACKUP.COM offer?

We offer Reseller Partnerships for earning commissions with minimal effort, and White-Label Partnerships for partners wanting control and branding.

What are the benefits for Reseller Partners?

Reseller Partners get commissions, minimal client management, and VMOBACKUP.COM handles billing and support.

What is unique about the White-Label Partnership option?

White-Label Partners enjoy the ability to offer VMOBACKUP.COM's services under their own brand, including a customizable portal with their domain name. This option is perfect for partners who wish to maintain a direct relationship with their clients, including handling billing, support, and service terms, with VMOBACKUP.COM supporting the partner behind the scenes.

Will clients see VMOBACKUP.COM branding in White-Label partnerships?

No, VMOBACKUP.COM remains invisible, with partners maintaining all client-facing interactions.

How does billing work with each partnership?

Reseller Partners get commissions from VMOBACKUP.COM-managed billing. White-Label Partners manage their own billing.

What support does VMOBACKUP.COM offer to its partners?

VMOBACKUP.COM offers comprehensive support to all its partners. This includes technical support, detailed client usage reporting, and for White-Label Partners, a customizable portal setup. Our goal is to ensure you have all the tools and support necessary for a successful partnership.

Are there fees for these partnerships?

Reseller Partnerships are commission-based; White-Label may have setup fees for the customizable portal.

How does integrating with Stripe benefit partners?

Reseller Partners can leverage Stripe for processing payments by directing their clients to sign up through VMOBACKUP.COM's integrated payment system. This arrangement simplifies billing by allowing clients to use credit cards for automatic and recurring payments, ensuring a seamless transaction process.

White-Label Partners are required to set up their own Stripe accounts, a process that empowers them to collect payments directly from clients using credit cards. This integration facilitates an automated billing system, directly depositing payments into the partner's bank account.