Frequently Asked Questions

What all is backed up?

Virtually every component of Microsoft 365, including Email, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams. Whatever Veeam supports, we support.

What about Shared Mailboxes?

Shared Mailboxes do not consume a license and are included in the backups at no charge. When a user leaves, you can convert them to a shared mailbox and Veeam will drop the license usage within 30 days.

What about granular restores? Can I restore a single email message or file?

Yes! You can restore a single email, an email folder, or the user’s entire mailbox. In addition, you can restore single OneDrive file, or entire folders.

If I want to start with the free or basic level of service can I upgrade later?

Yes, you can access your subscription information within the portal and change the service level as desired

How is billing handled?

We offer secure credit card billing using Stripe. We do not store your credit card data and everything is easy and secure with our Stripe integration. Your first 30 days is free and after we charge in arrears for the previous months usage based on the last day of the month.

What if I need help/support?

Just email to open a ticket and someone will contact you – and quickly!

Is my data encrypted?

Yes, your data is fully encrypted in flight and at rest.

How secure is my data?

We are SOC 2, Type 2 audited annually and hosted within secure and redundant data centers.

Where is my data stored?

Either in our Cincinnati, or Michigan Data Centers. We do not utilize Azure, AWS, or any other cloud storage and all storage is controlled by VMOBACKUP.

Is my data immutable?

We can provide immutability by enabling a secondary backup copy of your data to our other data center. Just send an email to to request this. An additional $1/user is required for this option.