#1 Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Backup for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams starting at $1.50/user/month with unlimited storage. Get set up in less than 15 minutes with our self-registration tool!

Microsoft 365: Your Data, Your Responsibility

With Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365, you can protect your data from accidental deletion, quickly restore your Microsoft 365 data with industry-leading flexibility, and meet compliance requirements with fast search-and-find capabilities.

Protected workloads:


We created an innovative portal using Veeam technology to enable users to quickly and effectively register, manage, and monitor their Microsoft 365 Backups from a single location.

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The Leader in Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

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A 23 year old company and Veeam Cloud Service Provider

Fixed cost per user / UNLIMITED Storage

No surprises on your bill, store as much data as you need

Pricing tiers to match your budget

We deliver flexible pricing models to meet our clients' needs


VMOBACKUP is happy to deliver flexible pricing models to meet our clients’ needs
Custom plans are available. Reach out to sales@vmobackup.com


Perfect for small businesses or users looking to try us out




Great for users who need basic M365 Backup




Well-suited for medium to large businesses



Business Critical

Ideal for organizations wanting a fully managed service



Just getting started? Try VMO Backup for free, forever (yes really)

Dive into VMO Backup with our free service that’s yours to use indefinitely – absolutely no cost involved. This is a perfect opportunity for small businesses, who are just starting out with backup for Microsoft 365.

All Features





Business Critical

Support Level

Email only

Email and Phone

Email and Phone

Email and Phone

User Limit






1 year

1 year

Up to 7 years



1 TB





Self monitored

Self monitored

Self monitored

Fully monitored

Backup Frequency

Every 24 hours

Once per day

Every 4 hours

Every 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

What all is backed up?

Virtually every component of Microsoft 365, including Email, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams. Whatever Veeam supports, we support.

What about Shared Mailboxes?

Shared Mailboxes do not consume a license and are included in the backups at no charge.

What about granular restores? Can I restore a single email message or file?

Yes! You can restore a single email, an email folder, or the user’s entire mailbox. In addition, you can restore single OneDrive file, or entire folders.

If I want to start with the free or basic level of service can I upgrade later?

Yes, of course, just send us a message and we will upgrade you.

How is billing handled?

We offer secure credit card billing using Stripe. We do not store your credit card data and everything is easy and secure with our Stripe integration. Your first 30 days is free and after we charge in arrears for the previous months usage based on the last day of the month.

What if I need help/support?

Just email support@vmobackup.com to open a ticket and someone will contact you – and quickly!

Is my data encrypted?

Yes, your data is fully encrypted in flight and at rest.

How secure is my data?

We are SOC 2, Type 2 audited annually and hosted within secure and redundant data centers.

Where is my data stored?

Either in our Cincinnati, or Michigan Data Centers. We do not utilize Azure, AWS, or any other cloud storage and all storage is controlled by VMO Backup.

Is my data immutable?

We can provide immutability by enabling a secondary backup copy of your data to our other data center. Just send an email to support@vmobackup.com to request this. An additional $1/user is required for this option.

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